Simply Function…. it is supposed to be fun!!

I know that “simply function” sounds like advice given from someone that has it all figured out, but I assure you I am working on this every day too.

As you may have picked up in my opening posts, I believe that everyone has a God-given, universe inspired or natural function.  A function is the way a thing, a person or an organization operates that is natural and unforced.  I also believe that if you are operating with a wholehearted focus in your function that you will create a state of simplicity for yourself.  Simplicity is not just about having or doing less but living with a focus that eliminates the nonessential activities and things in your life.

Remaining wholehearted may seem difficult in this world of distractions but it will pay off in the end.  And know that if you are living in your truly natural function that it will create its own focus.  Don’t worry this is not supposed to be hard.  Have fun and simply function in the thing that brings you joy.

Simply function in what makes your heart sing and the rest will take care of itself.  


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