Is The Key to Business Service?

Finding yourself is the key to being truly passionate about what you do.  If you are self-aware and are functioning in your passion you will be successful.  But remember that we all have a different idea of what “successful” means.  When I talk about successful, it is doing the thing that makes your heart sing.  Your true function.

Look at the picture of Gandhi.  That is successful.  Look at that face. Contentment, peace, passion, love, service.

Seth Godin, (entrepreneur, writer, thinker) had a great post today in which he advised to make a pact with yourself answering some very basic questions and not break that pact no matter how much short-term pressure you feel to make money or save a client or do anything outside your boundaries of success.

What is this career for? What are the boundaries? What are you keeping score of, maximizing, improving? Who do you serve?  Seth’s blog

Who do you serve?  We all need to keep in mind that we are serving our clients and if our service fulfills their needs, they will compensate us for the service.    That’s how it works.  No one deserves to be compensated just because they did something.  Serve the needs of your tribe and you will be successful.

Simply function as who you are with wholehearted focus!


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