Business Strategy – Strategy Step #1

My first step in building a business strategy is to listen and fully understand your story.

  • The Story – I listen first.  It is important to know how and why your organization started.  You started your business for a reason, a passion, a plan to change the world, your original function.  We need to know your function so that we can continue in the process.  We will also understand everything that you are doing and whether it is in alignment with your story.

I start with your story because it is the reason you started your organization or why you are running an organization now.  With a deep understanding of the story, I can help you come up with strategies to focus and tactics that will help you grow.

So here is an example of “the story”, mine!

I started as a business advisor because I have a passion for getting things done and I hate to see leaders struggle to make decisions and achieve their vision.

My story is one of working in multiple industries, starting and leading many companies and nonprofit organizations, interviewing 100’s of business owners and managers and seeing that most of the issues of organizations are centered around the loss of focus on the function or “why” of the organization.

The simplicity of single-minded focus is like jet fuel that will help you make quick decisions and only do the essentials.

Distractions create complexity, simplicity creates growth.   I use the term single-minded because it bests encapsulates the idea of focus.

“The man of wisdom is never of two minds”   -Confusious

“Being of two minds is the definition of schizophrenia”   -Steve  Saunders


Your story is the beginning of having focus and creating simplicity.

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