Alignment – Strategy Step #2

The second step in working through the strategy process is to make sure your strategy and activities are in alignment with your vision, your why, your function.

  • Alignment Red Team – Red Team is a military term for the team that plays the bad guys in war games.  These are the guys that are looking for holes in your armor.  We want to identify where you might be spending resources that are not in alignment with your function.

A red team is an independent group that challenges an organization to improve its effectiveness.  It is often the case that organizations need an outside viewpoint to show the actual story you are telling the public and your clients.

Knowing the story you are telling is the first step in the vision alignment process.  The second is to change your strategy and activities to be in alignment with your vision, the story you want to tell your community.  Are your activities essential to what you are trying to accomplish?  Stop doing the ones that are not.

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