Who is Steve Saunders?

I guide leaders and their organizations through uncovering their true function and how to translate that into vision clarity, strategy development and taking decisive action to grow their businesses.

After more than 20 years of consulting, starting and operating businesses and non-profits, I have found that simplicity is the framework for decisive action.  Simplicity is the outcome of a wholehearted focus on the true function of an individual and the teams they lead.  I share my experience to help leaders achieve their vision.

I help leaders create simplicity and get stuff done.



Simplicity is an outcome, not a strategy or tactic.  You can't just “do” simplicity and then expect to run a clean efficient business, organization or life.  Simplicity is created in an environment where the leaders of an organization are simply operating in their natural functions.  Every organization and leader is different and strategies and tactics will be different depending on the skill sets and creativity of the leaders of an organization.


Next Steps...

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